My hope is that this site will educate and arm parents who have had their children stolen by cps for profit. It is my hope that parents will be armed against the selling of our children for profit.

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The Reason for This Site

These children were Stolen from their Mother by
Jackson County Ga DFCS in 2008

This Site is dedicated to information about the corruption and abuse of Child Protective Services. It is about the horror stories of how CPS abducts and then sells children legally and without due process. This site will include the laws they use in order to do this.

It will also contain the horror stories of parents including my own daughter who have had their children snatched and then the abuse the parents are exposed to by the system in order to force them to sign away their rights.

This site hopefully will educate parents who have unjustly lost their children to help give them the tools they need in order to fight to get their kids back and to shut down the abuse in the system.

If you have a story feel free to contact me and I will post it for you. You can reach me at ysam51@yahoo.com