My hope is that this site will educate and arm parents who have had their children stolen by cps for profit. It is my hope that parents will be armed against the selling of our children for profit.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

There are No Secrets and People Can’t Hide- Truth Always Wins « How Child Protection Services Buys and Sells Our Children

There are No Secrets and People Can’t Hide- Truth Always Wins « How Child Protection Services Buys and Sells Our Children


  1. I am a mother of 2 wonderful,and bright children.I have been going through family court for almost ten yrs. now.My oldest is ten,then my son who is eight.I too am going through the corrupt court system.Dealing with this is hard,but listening to my children cry is harder.I love my children with everything that I am,but am being threatened to have my family ripped apart.I have done everything that have asked me too per court orders-but to no avail.I'm still being harassed,unjust visits,reports that I am not allowed to see(even when requested-denied)abuse,coersion,duress(not only to me,but to my children,and future in-laws)All of my rights are being violated-not just a couple-all of them.The judge in schoharie county ny is biased,vindictive,incompetent,and conduct unbecoming of a judge.I really need help in this matter-but so far no one or lawyer will take my case...Please help....God Bless!

  2. Dear Melissa,
    My heart hurts reading your situation. They had me for only three. It was the divine intervention of God that removed me. I was able to flee to Otsego County and the social workers there couldn't believe what we had been through.
    They commented that we were all obviously fearful and on guard. I went through post traumatic stress syndrome. To this day I just don't have the same social skills I used to.
    I have begun researching to locate people in Schoharie County who are suffering under the weight of that county. It has been 12 years since I was "freed" and all my children are grown. They cant threaten me with my children any more and I want to begin to tare them a new end side.
    I would like to set up a local news ad and a web site to obtain as many testimonies as possible. I am looking into a class action suit.
    I lost my career. I have a BS in Child and Family Development. I am not allowed to work around children now. I had to change my career. I suffered in poverty for a long time because of them.
    The stories of what went on during those 3 years are crazy and awful.
    I am sure yours are too.
    Please stay strong. They are evil. Goodness prevails. Cry to Jesus. He hears and He preforms miracles. I know, I have seen His works.
    All my Love.
    Cynthia Stafford